May 21

🤔 Did you know about the Online Safety Regulator Partnership🤝 between eSafety Commission Australia and the Online Safety Commission Fiji?

By Quantum Space

May 21, 2021

A ground-breaking partnership happened earlier this year between the eSafety Commission Australia and Online Safety Commission (OSC). Both organisations are now working together to create safer online environments for people both in the Pacific Region and Australia.

It’s important to know that the OSC deals with online threats, including, online bullying, Internet trolling or image-based abuse. They help Fijians experiencing online bullying or abuse to take action or make a complaint.

The OSC also helps by offering online safety training, presentations and workshops, research insights and a wealth of information for parents and guardians, young people and kids. A parent or guardian can make a complaint on behalf of kids to the OSC. The OSC can take action to get serious cyberbullying material removed, and provide advice, support and assistance. 

How can parents protect their children online?

Take the time to have a conversation with the children and teenagers in your family and community. Parents are urged to be extra cautious about giving access to mobile devices to children without first exploring a conversation about online safety and having screen time.

Here are a few online safety tips for parents

• Talk to your child about the benefits and disadvantages of being online

• Set up screen time so that they don’t spend all day online

• Make sure that you are able to see and have access to what your child has access to

• Use the parental settings available on devices and online platforms to better equip your child

To raise awareness at large on how to stay safe online and tackle the threats that lurk there, the eSafety Commission Australia and the OSC are working together to not only show the people that they are there to enforce and protect online regulations but also to help educate the public and make them understand why it is important to stay safe online so that at the end of the day we all can become an Online Safety Regulating Community.

Watch Online Safety Commissioner, Anne Dunn-Baleilevuka and eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant share their experiences leading two of the world’s first online safety commissions.


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