August 27

Kids can be entrepreneurs💸💳💲 too!

By Quantum Space

August 27, 2021

Instead of kids taking a holiday job, why not encourage them to work for themselves and be entrepreneurs? If they start their own business, they can earn some extra cash and be their own boss. When kids start their business or step into the world of entrepreneurship, they will learn lessons that can last a lifetime. 

Just look at Mark Cuban and Elon Musk! These famous billionaires all started businesses before they were 18 years old. Cuban sold garbage bags to his neighbours, and Musk built and sold a space-themed video game called Blastar. They were both 12 years old then. 

Here are a few business ideas to get your kids started and their minds buzzing!

  1. Social media marketing

If your kids are fluent in Instagram or TikTok, they can offer their expertise to local businesses that need help marketing, like your local pizzeria or thrift shops. In eighth grade, Temper Thompson started online marketing, and by age 17, he was earning $30,000 a month selling online marketing courses.

  1. Face masks

To help curb the spread of Covid-19, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is still recommending the general public to wear masks when going out of their homes. Since these accessories aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, consider sewing and selling masks with fun designs, local school or sport team logos, or personalised with customers’ favourite colours. 

  1. Writing fiction or creating comics

Kids’ imaginations are one-of-a-kind and so are the stories they can tell. They can write and illustrate comics, picture books, or short chapter books and sell them to friends and family or submit them to established publishers or local newspaper publishing houses. The late, great Marvel comic-book writer Stan Lee, who created the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men, got his start writing as a teenager.

  1. Tie-dye fashion

Tie-dying took off on social media last year. It’s a fun do-it-yourself project that can bring in cash. Customers can bring clothes to tie-dye, or you and your kids can find hoodies and T-shirts at a thrift store and make them look like new. One young entrepreneur who began selling tie-dyed clothes during quarantine is charging $35 for dyed sweatshirts and $18 for shorts. Don’t forget to remind your kid to make a TikTok or YouTube video to show off their technique.

  1. Tuition

If your kid is skilled at playing an instrument, maths, or reading, they can offer to teach other kids or they can offer to practice with kids younger than them who need a partner to learn with and keep them engaged. Not only will your kid get in your practice time, but you can help inspire someone else to develop their talent.

  1. Coding 

Whether a business owner is creating an app, website, selling products online or using online systems to manage productivity, coding knowledge and services not only provides a productivity boost to a business, it also helps put the business high above its competitors. 

At Quantum Space, Learning and Innovation Hub, we aspire to give kids a limitless future in their chosen career pathway through understanding coding which sets them up for entrepreneurship by applying problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

Running their own business doesn’t need to be hard for kids or teenagers. After all, they are the boss. They get to make all their own rules. That said, they can learn a few things from people who have done it before. Stay tuned for next week’s Blog as we bring you some success tips from young entrepreneurs to inspire kids with business endeavours.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

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