February 8


By Quantum Space

February 8, 2021

On Safer Internet Day the world comes together with a shared vision of making online experiences better and safe for everyone.

Quantum Space, Learning and Innovation Hub in collaboration with the Online Safety Commission (OSC), will raise awareness on online safety by running coding and business sessions in Suva, publishing blogs, providing strategies, tips and videos throughout the week.

What is internet safety?

Internet safety is the act of staying safer online. This includes being aware of the risks associated with your online activity and implementing a few strategies to prevent or avoid these risks. Internet safety is also sometimes referred to as online safety, cyber safety, or e-safety. 

Why is internet safety important?

Safety on the Internet is not the same as safety on a playground but it can be just as important. You may think that being in the privacy of your home provides more security but trouble can easily be found, especially for kids on the Internet.

Playing it safe online can help prevent you and your kids from being exposed to unwanted information, materials, or risks on the internet that might harm your devices, personal information, or your family. It’s smart to teach kids of all ages computer safety so that they don’t fall victim to some common dangers of the Internet.

Our daily schedule this week we will cover the following: 

TUESDAY (Safer Internet Day worldwide)

  • How to be smart online? 
  • Strategies to follow to be safe online


  • What is Cyberbullying?


  • Internet safety tips for kids


  • What to do to be safe online?
  • How to deal with online threats?

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