Quantum Space, Learning and Innovation Hub is an internationally recognised partner in Computer Science.

At Quantum Space, we would like to inspire Fiji’s very own Elon Musk(s) who taught himself to program when he was a kid, bought his first computer when he was 10 years old and sold his first commercial program when he was 12 years old. 

Our coding classes provide an environment designed and created to ensure kids from all backgrounds, skills and ages have the opportunity to make lasting friendships through teamwork and develop a new skill. Whether it’s in the classroom or in a play based environment, our educators are equipped to look out for and facilitate a welcoming and innovative space where the kids’ minds  buzz with creativity!  

We want to make sure our students walk away with new skills, new friends, and a desire to continue learning and challenging themselves with computer science. The more kids who know and understand technology, the more chance we have as a society to solve the problems that we face. Building a computer game or app is a bonus!

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