July 29

Why is Coding so Important?

By Quantum Space

July 29, 2020

Figuring out how to code at a young age can genuinely set up a kid for a lifetime of achievement. Regardless of whether they don’t go into a particular software engineering related field, it gives them an edge in practically every cutting edge industry.

We rely on code in the technology we use every day – our mobile phones, thermostats, televisions, cars, video games, video entertainment, websites, and even robots.

Below are some main benefits of kids’ learning how to code, and why coding is important for kids to learn:

  • Kids learn to use logic – Logical thinking is required for coding. It consists of formulating step by step procedures to produce the desired outcome. It involves using expressions, selection, iteration, conditional, and other logical statements and sentences.
  • Kids learn problem-solving – Coding teaches kids to break down complex problems into components. This problem-solving technique is transferable to a lot of other fields. For example, car mechanics diagnose car problems by replacing one part at a time to isolate the problem part. In coding, a programmer figures out bugs by generating intelligent hypotheses and tweaking parts of his code one component at a time to test which one solves the problem.
  • Kids learn how things work, and create things that work – Coding teaches kids how to build, using cause and effect to make things work, and adapt them for their specific purpose.
  • Kids learn structural thinking – Kids learn how to build small pieces to add up to the solution.
  • Kids learn perseverance – Kids learn to persist if what they are creating is not working. They are compelled to analyze what is not working, why it is not working, and figure out how to correct it until it works.
  • Coding encourages kids to think outside of the box – Coding sends a message to kids that they can create anything from nothing if they want to work on it. By coding, they can stretch what is possible. This fosters the progress of humanity and the overall improvement of the quality of life.

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