September 3

Why should we teach young girls to code?

By Sheenal Naiker

September 3, 2020

“By learning how to code, it gives girls the courage to say that technology is for everyone. It’s like having a superpower that one step at a time, will close the gender gap looming over our generation.” Naome, New York from Girls Who Code (NGO that teaches girls how to code).

Like it or not, computer coding is going to be part of everyone’s future. We need to get beyond the stereotype that the only people who are good at computer coding are boys.

Unless we take deliberate steps to teach girls to code, digital literacy will continue to be the domain of men and boys. Coding skills will become yet another barrier to true gender equality, further widening the pay gap, and the poor representation of women in executive-level positions.

Below are some reasons why girls should learn how to code:

• Jobs

Given current trends, it’s likely that whatever field girls go into, they will be using a computer, and it won’t be to use Microsoft Office and Facebook. Even non-coding jobs will increasingly be augmented by computer skills. If people don’t have an understanding of how computers work, they’ll likely have limited career prospects.

• It’s empowering

Coding, and technology more generally, is one more domain where girls grow up believing that boys are better than them. Coding is a practical skill that girls can develop to prove their competency to themselves and the rest of the world that doubts them because of their gender.

• It’s a form of self-expression

Despite popular conceptions that coding is just about following rigid and pre-existing rules, it can be a form of creative self-expression. Good coders require a slate of complex abilities, including logic, problem-solving, imagination, design sense, and solid aesthetic judgment.

At Quantum Space, Learning and Innovation Hub, we have almost 70% more girl coders than boys and as such we urge other parents of girls to join our growing team of girl coders and break society’s norm of considering girls after boys and prove that girls can be great examples as well when it comes to technology.

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